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Going Solo?

As we review the visitors to The Fort, we can’t help notice the number of solo travellers. Being a hostel it is to be expected that we will attract guests either travelling alone, or needing accommodation for business purposes.

We’d like to highlight the things that previous guests have stated to ensure you have a full and enjoyable experience whilst staying with. Jennifer Ryder who stayed with us in August all the way from Australia, said:

This place was lovely, really like a hotel more than anything. There aren’t any laundry facilities but the staff were more than accommodating with helping us out. You also get a discount on meals at the restaurant next door and it is close enough to absolutely everything you need. Awesome rooms and super comfy beds.

Ricardo Messano from Uruguay was thrilled with his experience earlier in the year, and a UK guest who stayed with us in July echoed this:

An amazing, well positioned hostel and fantastic as a base for sight-seeing/shopping/business trips! The lounge area is also great as it means that if funds are tight, you can easily just rustle up a ready meal or just chill out to avoid the weather! I will definitely be back later this year!

The communal area now has the added benefit of a computer hub with complimentary Wi-Fi, so you are also able to access the Internet and update your friends on your activity.

We endeavor to post the latest news and useful links on our Twitter page and also use our Facebook page to highlight the latest updates.


Christmas is coming…

Here is just one of the ice sculptures from last year's Festival of Angels in York

As we always like to bring you insider information on what’s happening at The Fort we tracked down Andrew Elcock – The Fort’s main man. As someone definitely in the know and a long time resident of York, who better to ask about what’s been happening in the great city over the last month and more importantly, what’s happening with The Fort, now and in 2011.

With a plethora of events happening at Kennedy’s (the bar next door to The Fort) and numerous festive revelries to partake in, we asked Andrew for an update!

How is business at The Fort?

Great, it has been a success story from the opening night. We have had bookings from around the world and have advanced bookings through until next June. We recently welcomed our 500th guest the other day – people may have spotted that on our Twitter updates. The new website has certainly helped with bookings and allows future arrivals, a real feel of what has been achieved.

We always keep an eye on the comments that are placed on Hostelworld (and thank people for them) and we are currently looking at adjusting the double rooms to match the dorm room in regards to its bathroom door; we want to provide the ultimate in hostel experience and have some brilliant ideas up our sleeve!

York Minster was central to this year's festival, Illuminating York

York is a hive of festival activity at the moment, how have you found them this year?

A few weeks ago we celebrated Illuminating York, which has been going from strength to strength for the past three years. You can see various images of York Minster, creatively illuminated at this amazing festival on our Facebook page. There has also been St Nicholas Fayre, which certainly adds to the festive feel of the city. Finally we are looking forward to the Festival of Angels this weekend. With a hog roast, Mulled wine, Winter Pimms planned at Kennedy’s, we invite all those at The Fort to join us at this event.

Now the snow has been pretty bad in Yorkshire, has it had an impact on The Fort?

The weather has been pretty troublesome as people have been unable to move around the country and therefore they have been unable to reach us, but people have been popping into Kennedy’s and taking full advantage of our winter warmers!

Kennedy's: the perfect setting for festive fun

What can The Fort look forward to in 2011?

The Fort is only stage one of an ongoing project. We aim to create an even bigger and better experience for our guests that will include a larger communal area. Of course with expansion comes the need for fresh design talent to enable us to keep The Fort so unique.

Thanks, Andrew!

Check out a few images of last year’s Festival of Angels (and the recent snow!). Make sure you check out The Fort’s Facebook Page with updates of the Festival activity and events of what’s happening at Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant.

The nifty lift

As The Fort is a place that is keen to offer its visitors an experience to remember, it was felt that all areas of the project had showcase creative talent – even the lift.

So, Karen enlisted the help of freelance designer Simon Gornall, who turned his hand away from product design to crafting the interior of the lift at The Fort.

Simon, 31, graduated from York St John University in 2008 and has been nurturing his talent ever since. As a favour he answered a few questions for the blog!

So, I take it you design furniture as well as lift interiors?

Yes, I graduated from York St John University with a degree in design practice, but I am passionate about all elements of design. When Karen offered me the chance to work on the lift at The Fort I was full of ideas.

That sounds interesting, could you explain further?

Well, when I first came to visit The Fort there was a toilet stored in the lift and it gave me an idea to install one, but due to health and safety, it wasn’t possible. I then knew that a tiled finish would look amazing, but I had to consider the weigh and durability, so we went for a vinyl.

You have done something unusual with it though, haven’t you?

As it is going to be a tourist destination, and York is full of great places to visit, I thought why not simply offer a London Underground style map? So the vinyl now has the look of white tiles with a London tube map, but with York landmarks.

Do you feel that lifts get forgotten in building design?

They can. It was essential that we continued the integrity of what The Fort represents, so the lift had to offer something different and creative.

I take it you’ll be at the launch night to show people your work?

I’ll definitely be there.

You can view the proposed image of the lift below.

If you fancy checking out any of Simon’s work, then head over to his online portfolio at www.simongornall.co.uk

The word is out!

We had the pleasure of working with the fabulous new publication Love and Live York recently, who highlighted The Fort in the magazines April edition.

Following a meeting with all the designers working on the project, we have compiled a snappy piece ready for the May edition of the magazine that is sure to wet the readers’ appetite (although we will be blogging about that!).

Check out the page spread that we secured in April’s edition of Live and Love York – love the layout!

Welcome to The Fort

If you haven’t heard the buzz, The Fort is a development in the centre of York that has everyone talking.

Karen Waugh, the owner and creative visionary, would like to welcome you to The Fort’s blog and explain a little about its conception:

‘I was flicking through various travel publications trying to plan my next escape when I realised that so many cities offer exciting and unique places to stay; something which is limited in York. I did some research and felt that as a result of the current financial climate there was a niche in the market for comfortable, funky, easy on the pocket accommodation!

I started to brainstorm ideas with friends and family for ways in which to make staying at The Fort a unique and memorable experience. During this process we decided that it would be quite quirky if each of the rooms had their own identity, which could be achieved through using creative design ideas. In collaboration with Creative Protégé design agency we set up a competition for up and coming designers to put forward their ideas for the rooms and it just progressed from there…..’

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