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Yorkshire Real Ale at Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant

We are always keen to champion Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant, located next door to The Fort, as it offers amazing food and a great selection of drinks. In fact they have just teamed up with The Great Yorkshire Brewery and are proud suppliers of Yorkshire Lager.

After many years of experimenting, with help from around the globe, The Great Yorkshire Brewery produces the UK’s first Yorkshire lager: made from Yorkshire water, British barley, malt, yeast and whole hops.

As a guest at The Fort we’d like to remind you that you receive a complimentary 20% discount of all food at Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant, so why not head over when you’ve unpacked and try not only their locally sourced food but now locally sourced lager.

If you fancy heading over to The Great Yorkshire Brewery’s website you will see that they have kindly provided a link to not only Kennedy’s, but also us here at The Fort. Thanks guys!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (at Kennedy’s!)

It has been an incredibly exciting year for us here at The Fort. Not only have we seen bookings go through the roof, but we have also played host to a variety of creative visitors to York. These have included numerous journalists who were keen to venture to York and stay with us in one of our very lovely rooms (not to mention try a breakfast from Kennedy’s, next door).

In fact, if you check out the travel section in the Guardian next Saturday you will see The Fort’s latest review. We were thrilled to be chosen as a destination for a journalist from the Guardian, and will post the link as soon as it is available.

Speaking of Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant, they have just sent out a newsletter to inform all their loyal customers about their planned activity for this New Year’s Eve. Starting at 8pm, you can expect bubbly on arrival with a complimentary hog roast on the roof terrace with music from top live band, FUNKtion.  Not only will Kennedy’s bash allow you the chance to see the  New Year in with style, but you also have the option of heading over to the minster at midnight, to then return and party until 2am.

To ensure that your New Year goes off with a bang then please contact Kennedy’s to purchase your ticket (£20 each) by emailing contact@kennedysbaryork.co.uk, as they are limited in number we urge you to book asap!

Regardless of your planned activities to see in the New Year, everyone at The Fort would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Fort wows reviewers from across the UK

The Fort was featured in a review by Yorkshire Living Magazine earlier in the year, although with the growing importance of reviews offering an impartial insight into accommodation rapidly gaining momentum, we felt it time to invite various travel journalists to stay the night and give you their view of The Fort.

Of course the media exposure is good for us, and also helps us to make any improvements that are raised (as we do with any concerns that you highlight).

Earlier in the month we were thrilled to receive a visit from Urban Coco, an online fashion and lifestyle magazine, who are using their stay as a feature piece on their new website. You may have seen the review already, thanks to the link placed on our Facebook page, but if not you can check it out here

September will see the arrival of three more magazines: Lush Magazine, focusing on fashion and lifestyle; Shoestring magazine, an online magazine written for those travelling on a budget; and finally Gr8 Life, a lifestyle magazine distributed across the south of the UK.

We also have to mention that we recently received a visit from a BBC journalist who loved The Fort and was keen to feature it in Olive Magazine. This will be out later in the year, although from his comments on his visit we can expect a glowing review!

If you received an online newsletter from Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant this month, you will no doubt have seen The Fort mentioned, along with the fact that they had a makeover in their downstairs area. We just love the new wallpaper, and have included a few pictures here on our blog.

As ever, we fully encourage you to leave any comments and suggestions via our numerous social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Hostelworld, and right here on our blog.

Freebies with The Fort

The Fort recently ran a competition in Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant’s e-newsletter, where one lucky entrant could win a night’s stay in a double room of their choice here at The Fort. We can now announce that the winner of the competition was Shannon Potts from York.

As part of the prize, we request the winner offers a few words about their stay, so we look forward to Shannon’s words when she takes advantage of her night here at The Fort.

If you fancy spending a night here at The Fort, then click the link and head over to our booking provider, Hostelworld.

Next week we are planning to run through the latest comments and address any issues that have arisen, so if you’d like to ask us a question or raise a point about your stay, then please feel free to email us at contact@kennedysbaryork, and watch out for our next blog post!

We actively encourage all the visitors that read our blog to head over to our Facebook site and Twitter account, where if you ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ us, you will receive the latest info delivered to your newsfeed.

If you fancy being added to Kennedy’s e-newsletter and benefiting from the various freebies, including a night’s stay at The Fort, then simply email contact@kennedybaryork.co.uk to let us know!

Honeymoon in a hostel

Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant (next door to The Fort, and the essential venue to visit if you want gorgeous food or a fun night out) recently welcomed a wedding party.

As a reception venue, the partying to celebrate Katie and Lee’s union continued long into the night, with guests from further afield needing accommodation. Now, with one of the UK’s leading boutique hostels right next door, numerous guests booked a night with us.

You may be thinking, ‘Why would a wedding party want to sleep in a hostel?’ But if you view the images on our website, or throughout this blog, then you will see we offer more than just a dorm. The double rooms offer four star hotel standard luxuries, each with en-suite wetrooms.

We recently tweeted about people turning to boutique hostels for their honeymoon now although we haven’t had a couple on their honeymoon as of yet, we would thoroughly recommend it if you are travelling across the UK and fancy something different.

So, if you are planning your big day, don’t hesitate to contact Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant; or us here at The Fort for your accommodation needs.

Don’t forget to check us out on Twitter, as we offer tweets that will not only keep you updated about us here at The Fort, but also offer something a little quirky – just like our accommodation!

Oh, and if you have visited our blog before you may notice that it’s had a complete overhaul (along with our to do page) so now you can link straight to the options available on the website!

Everyone deserves a bit of luxury, don’t we?

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, then you my have well seen us highlight that we were recently featured in a rather fabulous article in the Independent. The feature piece was focused on how hostels have become far more desirable places to stay, and that how this trend is now a worldwide trend.

We have heard various terms used in association with boutique hostels; including flashpacking, glostel and poshtel, but what has been confirmed through articles like the one in the Independent, and from our own experience, is that people still want the backpacking travel experience but aren’t prepared to compromise on quality.

Now we aren’t saying that traditional hostels aren’t nice places to stay; but what we are experiencing is that the austerity measures that are taking affect are causing people to search out accommodation that affords the feel of a hotel, but won’t make a large hole in your pocket. Benji Ladyano of the Guardian supports this argument, and says that the entrepreneurial spirit of the hostel owners, coupled with the desire to find holiday on a budget, is leading to this new breed of accommodation.

If you follow us on Twitter you may have noticed we like to keep our tweets as quirky as our accommodation, and one tweet that went out was ‘are you ready for the boutique hostel experience’. Now that may sound rather pretentious, as if staying in a hostel requires oodles of forethought, but we think there is an element of truth in it (that’s why we tweeted it!).

We believe that boutique hostels offer something for everyone: regardless if you are over 21 and demand more from your hostel; a hardened backpacker who fancies sleeping in a comfier bed with easy access to the heart of the city;  or if you are simply a student who has a limited budget, but want a creative space to inspire you but that has easy access to the universities, then you are all ready.

At the end of the day, aren’t we all ready for a little boutique experience? The team at The Fort encourage anyone who is thinking of traveling to the UK’s favourite city (as revealed by Rough Guides) to check out The Fort and see if you can resist our luxurious, creative delights!

We’ve included a few images of the street party that recently took place outside The Fort; it was a collaboration between Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant (the fabulous place next door) and Mulberry Hall to celebrate the wedding of Kate and Wills.

For further info then please visit our website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Essential York (on a budget)

Can you believe that we are already in March?!

Regardless of the time of year (or where it seems to be going) we are keen to make sure that our guests enjoy their stay at The Fort.

We are aware that our guests choose to stay with us, not simply because of our creative use of space, but that they are looking for affordable accommodation. Therefore we feel it our responsibility to give you the inside info about what there is to do in this fabulous city – especially activities that are either free, or easy on the pocket.

We regularly check out reviews on Hostelworld (our booking site) and have noticed that the ‘fun’ aspect of The Fort is not as high as we would like. As we are situated in the hub of the city, only a stone’s throw from many amazing places, we feel that giving you an insight into what there is to do will enable you to maximise your time and enjoyment of city – and your stay with us.

Here then are our top tips for the discerning guest at The Fort:

1.     The Yorkshire Pass: This offers you the opportunity to save money with unlimited access to York’s top attractions for 1, 2 or 3 days. Click here for more info and to purchase your pass!

Kennedy's Bar & Restaurant offers 20% discount to all those at The Fort

2.     Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant (next door to The Fort): The premier nightspot offers all guests staying at The Fort 20% off all food and drink during their stay. So, if you fancy a hearty breakfast or a round of cocktails, then head next door to Kennedy’s and start saving.

3.     To maximise your time during the day (and if you don’t get a Yorkshire Pass) make sure you call the Jorvik Viking Centre in advance to avoid the queue. The number is 01904 543402  (have your method of payment ready).

4.     Money saving vouchers: If you follow this link you will see an array of vouchers that are redeemable at various locations across York; from 2for1 entry to The York Dungeon to money off Yorkshire food. Simply print out and start saving!

5.     Rowntree Park: As York’s first municipal park offering numerous activities throughout the year, this is a fantastic and award-winning space to explore on sunny days.

6.     Castle Museum: Recent winners at the 2010 York Tourism Awards, this unique museum celebrates York’s colourful past that has pleased countless visitors to the city; free after your first visit, it is certainly worth a making a beeline for.

7.     National Railway Museum: Attracting over 1 million visitors a year, one of the largest collections of restored steam trains (and those in service today) is a definite crowd pleaser. With free entry, the NRM offers something for everyone more (not just the budding train enthusiast!).

The lift at The Fort offers you the chance to find your bearings

8.     York Art Gallery: Displaying work by William Etty (one of Britain’s most influential artists) the York Art Gallery is showing David Hockney’s work (from Feb-June) called ‘Bigger Trees Near Warter’. Free to enter, this recently refurbished gallery offers a reflective space to while away the hours.

Before we go we just thought we would say that we attended the ‘Hoscars’ the other week (if you follow The Fort on Twitter you may have seen that, BTW it’s @thefortyork if you’d like to join us). The Hoscars are the Oscars of the hostel industry (as the name suggests) and the big trend at the moment is boutique hostels. Not that we didn’t already know that, especially from the lovely comments and influx of guests from all corners of the globe!

Things to do and ways to do it

We have been receiving some glowing reviews here at The Fort, and are thrilled that so many people are feeling what we have worked so hard to create.

The reviews and comments left on Hostelworld have enabled us to see that we needed to highlight more of the ‘fun’ at The Fort. Therefore we have adapted our website’s ‘Things to do in York’ page to provide more detailed information to the essential sites in York (with links), up-to-date information about the current month’s festivities and finally a space for you to leave a comment or suggestion about what you liked and would recommend another hostel user to try out.

If you check out the new and improved ‘Things to do in York’ page you will see that during the month of January, all guests at The Fort could benefit from a 50% discount from food at Kennedy’s. This was a January offer, but as a guest at The Fort you will always receive a warm welcome from Kennedy’s and a minimum of 20% off your food.

Kennedy's - with a touch of snow!

Situated next door, Kennedy’s is one of York’s top destinations for both shoppers seeking a bite to eat or those looking for a night out. If you have paid a visit to Kennedy’s in the past and imparted them with your email address then you could soon be set to receive their e-newsletter that is being devised (including a section on The Fort).

Towards the end of last year Yorkshire Living Magazine sent out one of its top journalists to review The Fort and we have been told that it will be appearing in March’s edition of the magazine – a link will be provided to their website as soon as we receive word that it is up online and in print!

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